UncategorizedIntroducing our new sister brand…. The Wooden Moose Rum Co.

April 12, 2021by James Grant0

Introducing… The Wooden Moose Rum Co.

We’re super excited to finally introduce everyone to what we’ve been working away on for the last 18 months, our new rum brand, The Wooden Moose Rum Co.

First off, it probably makes sense to explain why we’ve decided to start a new brand for our rums (rather than have them fly under the Copper in the Clouds banner) and also, what it has to do with a Wooden Moose. Allow me to explain…

Why not Copper in the Clouds rum?


Every Copper in the Clouds product has been designed with gifting in mind. Whether it’s a gift for mothers day, Christmas, or a best friends birthday present, we’ve tried to make sure our paper-wrapped, beautifully hand-finished bottles filled with the very best ingredients are perfect for any occasion.

We decided that for our rums, we wanted to focus less on gifting, and more on the modern rum drinker craving new, interesting flavours made from high quality real ingredients. We also wanted to get our rums out to as many people as possible, while using the finest rums we could find, rather than just the cheapest. With price in mind, we wanted to strip back the packaging to make it much simpler than our labour intense Copper in the Clouds aesthetic, which in turn means we can offer our rums at a lower price point. Not wanting to dilute the Copper in the Clouds focus on giftable spirits, we decided a new brand altogether which could more easily communicate to the separate pools of gin and rum lovers would make sense, and here we are!

What’s with the moose?

The 12ft, winged Wooden Moose statue guards the road down to our distillery. He arrived on the farm in the summer of 2018, after being built for a music festival that happens a a couple of fields away.

He’s entirely build of scrap wood with a frame made of scaffolding poles, it’s a truly stunning feature that greets you when you arrive. Unfortunately, being a festival installation, he wasn’t built to last. Every time there’s a storm, bits of him fly off from the frame and every year, the wood deteriorates. We took the decision to immortalise the moose in our branding so even after he’s gone, his legend can live on forever.

Just like our new rums, the wooden moose statur is larger than life and a bit out of the ordinary. He’s the perfect static brand ambassador for our flavoursome range of rums.

Wooden Moose Rum co.

What’s so special about the rums?

Well! you may have noticed a theme with our new rums… Caramelisation! All of the recipes have had a fruity ingredient caramelised, before resting that mixture over fine, Caribbean rum for at least a month (resting time varies from flavour to flavour). Let’s use the example of our Caramleised Banana and Peanut Butter Spiced Rum. We take Demerara sugar and combine it with British cream and milk to make a caramel/toffee sauce. We then add heaps of bananas to this sauce and turn up the heat, until they’re golden brown and completely caramelised. After that mixture has cooled, we swirl in lashings of peanut butter. At this stage, it’s loaded into our Copper Pot still with a secret blend of real spices and heated to allow the warm infusion of the ingredients into the spirit.

After at least a month resting in a tank, being stirred daily to promote infusion, we filter the remaning fruit out of the rum before bottling. The result is intensely flavoured rums, perfect for drinking on their own, mixing into cocktails, or serving long with your favourite mixers, such as cola, ting or ginger beer.

You can follow the new brand on Instagram @woodenmooserum or check out the new website, where you can order a bottle at https://woodenmoose.co.uk/

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